Jennifer Beals has started filling her schedule, now that The L Word is on its final leg -- and so far, so sweet. The Hollywood Reporter posts that she's signed on for a role in the post-apocalyptic film The Book of Eli. Even better -- she's picked up one heck of a part. Remember how Gary Oldman signed on to play Carnegie, the bad-guy despot of a makeshift town? The one who tries to stop Eli (Denzel Washington) on his quest across America's post-apocalyptic wasteland? Well, Beals has signed on to play Carnegie's "sexual prize" and Mila Kunis' mother. Oh, but there's more -- she's a "blind woman doing anything she can to protect her child." That's some choice casting (Mila-Jennifer), and I can only begin to imagine the magic that could brew up between Oldman and Beals. Only one whole year to wait and see! The film is set to hit theaters in January of 2010.

Meanwhile, I can't imagine what my life would be like without John Landis. He shaped my childhood with "Thriller," and my later years with films like Animal House. Now, while I wait for him to wipe away the disgust brewed by Blues Brothers 2000, Variety reports that he's suing the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Landis filed a suit claiming that Jackson hasn't been handing over the 50% of net proceeds lately, like their 1983 agreement outlines.This comes right after word hit that the zombie-filled video is getting turned into a musical, so that may have something to do with it. Whatever the case, it better not distract him from the projects he's got a-brewing. I need something to wipe out the taste of 2000.
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