Who cares about the box office? Narnia sure doesn't! Prince Caspian might have struggled to put an impressive number of arses in seats, and gotten unceremoniously dumped by Disney, but someone still wants those Pevensie kids. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Fox 2000 is picking up the tossed aside The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and wants to get it in theaters by the holiday season in 2010. Talk about a risky proposition. The last one wasn't only over budget -- it brought in a sucky box office. Who in their right mind would take on a struggling series and try to bring dragons and other beasties to the big screen while saving pennies in a bad economy? The warning bells, they are a-ringing.

Meanwhile, The Thing is coming back to attack! But have no fear -- the man behind this might just make this a desirable remake. Variety reports that Ron Moore is writing a new treatment of the short story "Who Goes There," which was the basis for both Howard Hawks and John Carpenter's films. Who is Ron Moore? He's one of the executive producers of Battlestar Galactica, and has written most of the show's episodes. (He's at the top with 73, and the next closest are Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, each with 15.) Considering the fan mania and critical adoration involved with that show, if Moore can't make The Thing thrive in the 21st century, who can?

Finally, another girl is heading for a coma. Unfortunately, The Smiths won't be wishing her to pull through, and it's not based on Douglas Coupland's best book (yes, I said best). Even more unfortunately, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Girlfriend in a Coma is coming from Marco Schnabel and Larry Stuckey. Does that mean nothing to you? Schnabel directed The Love Guru, and Stuckeyis the man who penned Little Fockers. Ugh. All that's being said about the plot is that it's a "satirical high school comedy that looks at an unlikely romance." Gee, could that be a girl in a coma? I think we've already covered that enough with Miss March.
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