I believe I made history during Sundance 2008 by being the only one who actually liked Downloading Nancy. For those who don't remember the buzz (or non-buzz) surrounding this flick, it probably went down as the most hated of the festival last year. I mean, folks really disliked this movie -- to the point where one critic (I forget who) said it felt like his face was being raped while watching it. Me? I'm kinda into the sick, twisted and sadistic stuff -- and while the majority felt the film was over the top for the sake of it, I actually thought it had purpose, revealed character and told a pretty f**ked up story.

Basically, Downloading Nancy is about this unhappily married woman (Maria Bello) who meets a guy (Jason Patric) over the internet, falls in love, then asks him to kill her ... slowly ... so she can finally feel something in her life. I can't even imagine the different places Bello had to take herself in order to pull off this role -- the gal is completely out of her mind, trust me. I can't even believe someone finally picked this up -- but they did, and it's apparently arriving in theaters this May. Check out the trailer after the jump (for NSFW purposes).