I'm more than okay. While perusing TV Guide, I found a little -- shall I say -- flick, starring a one miss Dolly Parton. Meow! Yeah, it seems she made a racy film called The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. -- Venture Brothers

Some films just aren't what we expect. Sometimes we're misguided by a name, sometimes by faulty assumptions. In our youth, some things just go right over our heads. We groove to Grease as young tykes, then grow up and realize how utterly sex-filled and dirty the film is. We (or at least me) watch Dolly's whorehouse movie over and over and don't realize how misleading the title is (hey, I was 6 or 7!).

But sometimes we're caught off-guard in the worst possible way, traumatized during our youth so much that years later the memory is still burned into our brains. Entertainment Weekly threw up a list of 29 films their readers saw when they were too young, and it got me thinking about my own scarred adolescence.
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