This week, we have two properties being rebooted/remade/whatever by Warner Bros: He-ManandTomb Raider.

As an avid Tomb Raider fan, I'm naturally quite intrigued by the prospect. (And kind of creeped out -- I mean, I did do a whole Geek Beat expressing this very wish. What are the odds it would come true?) While I recognize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the character, I was really surprised at the level of disdain and hostility that followed the news across the Internet. You would have sworn it was the second coming of Ultraviolet. I firmly believe Lara can work onscreen (particularly if they're not writing it around what stunts Angelina Jolie would like to do), and would love if she could be the action heroine so many of ladies crave.

Meanwhile, you've got He-Man. At the time of writing this (wee hours of the morning, people), the Internet is rather silent on John Stevenson's addition as director (as per Latino Review and Variety), so I can't accurately judge the level of enthusiasm. But given the response to LR's script review and ongoing attention to the project, I'm guessing that the response will be a Transformers-like wave of nostalgic enthusiasm. I'm not slamming it because, hey, I rocked a She-Ra costume as a wee lass.

But, what gives? Why is He-Man something to be wound up over, and Lara Croft a girl to sneer at? Neither hail from Shakespearean material, after all, and both appeal to our most shallow entertainment instincts. (Guns! Swords! Adventure!) Why the marked preference? Was Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life really worse than Masters of the Universe?

I'm pitting them both against each other as a fun Friday exercise. Which character reboot excites you more? Which one will make the better film? And for heaven's sake, why?

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