We're not in the business of posting a lot of music videos on Cinematical, but we are in the business of showing you cool, hip, slick works of art -- and if that should happen to come in the form of a music video, so be it. This puppy is spreading across the internet like wildfire (so excuse us if you've seen it already), and it's pretty flippin' fantastic in a whole bunch of different ways -- like how they use stop-motion to create this unique, refreshing universe on top of one single bed. The music comes from Oren Lavie, and the song is, of course, Her Morning Elegance. Here are a couple fun facts about the video from Oren's MySpace page:

  • The video was shot all stills - roughly 3225 still photos for the entire video, using one camera, hanging from the ceiling for the main body of the movie.
  • It took 4 weeks before shooting to create an animated computer generated storyboard for the video, with 3d dummies for the characters.
  • It took only 2 days of shooting for the live actors on set to re-create the 3.5 minutes computer sequence, frame by frame.
With that said, we shall now present ... Her Morning Elegance.