Goodness me, for just how long has Hollywood been sitting on the high-concept rom-com that is Ghosts of Girlfriends Past? So narrow-minded lothario Matthew McConaughey (who's getting good at this kind of role) is visited by three of his exes and shown the error of his ways -- namely, letting childhood flame Jennifer Garner slip away (I'll give 'em that much; a dumb, dumb move). If the Moviefone trailer above is any indication, saccharine and slapstick will be in no short supply.

It seems that director Mark Waters has opted to skew the sharper comedic stomping grounds of, say, Mean Girls in favor of another rom-com fantasy in the vein of Just Like Heavin', from the pair of writers who also brought us Full of It and Four Christmases. If we're really supposed to have any hope for this project, let me know when you find it.

At any rate, Ghosts opens on May 1st as counter-programming against X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- for all the girls who just can't stand that Hugh Jackman fella, I suppose. Come on, which one are you readers counting down the days for?