I'm not a huge fan of football (or soccer, as it's known to those in the US), and I know almost nothing about the history of the sport. But man, I'm dying to see The Damned United after the watching the trailer above (courtesy of Empire).

I was a bit intrigued by the cast back in April of 2008 -- Michael Sheen as Brian Clough, plus Jim Broadbent, Timothy Spall, and Colm Meany were sure to make an interesting feature, but I've got a feeling that this project will appeal to more than just Leeds fans and those who admire the skill of character actors.

There's real-life Ali, catchy retro tunes, and the best use of color that I've seen in a long time -- every single scene, from carefully shot pensive moments to muddy football action, looks just beautiful. However, the appeal extends well beyond art. The trailer does a heck of a job also showcasing the sport, humor, drama, and all the bits that make for a good film.. It also doesn't hurt that Sheen is just about the best thing to happen to the world of film in a long time.

Unfortunately, there's no international release date yet, but lucky Brits can see it starting March 27.