You know how all the movie geeks get all giddy and gooey every time the Super Bowl draws near? It's not because those guys like sports, believe me. (Movie nerds are actually SCARED of spectator sports. Yeah, I said it.) The reason is obvious: The Super Bowl always delivers lots of brand-new, mega-pricey, and occasionally effective TV commercials, and movie promos are always part of the mix.

This year, for example, we're all a-geeked about "all-new" films like Transformers 2, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Land of the Lost, and Wild Hogs 2: Domestic Morons. (Just kidding about that last one. Good title though.) And that got me to thinking about the exceedingly transitional nature of this mini nerd-in. For example ... can anyone recall which Super Bowl movie ads they were pumped for in 2002? 1998? 1983? Lord knows I can't -- and I've been a movie-geek sports nut since, well, about 1983.

But a movie blog would be remiss for letting such a marketing day flit by without a discussion post. And so I ask you this: Do you even remember the Super Bowl movie promos from last year? Or any year? And what if a Super Bowl teaser is really amaaaaazing ... but the movie ends up sucking meatloaf? Do you feel impressed ... or duped? Anyway, please leave your favorites in the comments section, and then feel free to share your thoughts on this topic:

Does being a huge movie fan mean you have to be a huge movie marketing fan? (I say no.) Yes, there are some really awesome trailers sometimes, but overall ... meh.

Update: If you missed any of tonight's Superbowl movie promos, check them out over here and definitely tell us your favorites.
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