Did you ever wish movie posters would stop wasting our time with these flashy teaser shots of cool dudes and hot chicks and just be up front and honest with us so that no more of our time is wasted trying to determine whether this poster is fly (chill? nifty? awesome?) enough for us to actually go see the movie? Yes? No? Maybe? Who gives a sh*t? Well, the folks over at HolyTaco.com shoveled out a whole group of what they call "honest" movie posters, based on existing posters for movies we all know and (maybe) love. Like the one above for Tropic Thunder, which is re-titled Three Amigos 2, because, well, that's kinda what it's like ... only in a Vietnam-esque atmosphere. (I'm not sure whether the folks who created this one in particular know Tropic Thunder isn't set in Vietnam, but we'll roll with it anyway ...)

As always, we've pulled out a couple of our favorites for you to browse through below. Check out the rest over at HolyTaco, then let us know what you'd add to this.

[Thanks Brian]