I may not have liked Transformers (as previously established), but two things are certain: I'm in the minority on that one (to the tune of something like a gajillion dollars), and all of youse would gladly pay to see more of the same, and if this leaked spot is any indication, that's exactly what you'll get -- alien robots that indeed transform, stuff blowing up, Shia LaBeouf breaking his hand and Megan Fox breaking my heart.

I can't promise how long this spot will stay up, or how similar the soon-to-come trailer will be when it's attached to the Michael Bay-produced Friday the 13th remake a week from Friday (which is getting some surprisingly good buzz, BTW).

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen allegedly rocks your face off on IMAX and regular screens come June 26th.

Additionally, check out the Star Trek (which hits theaters on May 8) Superbowl spot below.