Well if they ever decide to stage a sequel to Anger Management, I'd personally like to nominate Mr. Christian Bale to star. In a new piece of leaked foul-mouthed audio, Bale absolutely GOES OFF on some dude for walking where he wasn't supposed to and distracting the talent during a scene. Man, I would not want to be on the other end of Bruce Wayne's rant right here; he sounds like he's about to crucify the poor schmuck ... and all for trying to fix a light, or something.

According to TMZ, this took place on the set of Terminator Salvation after the director of photography "accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set." That would be Shane Hurlbut, who's shot tons of films like Swing Vote, Semi-Pro, Waist Deep, Drumline, etc ... (And yes, it kinda does scare me that the guy who shot Drumline is in charge of capturing post-apocalyptic creepiness for the next Terminator flick, but what can you do.) TMZ also says that Bale threatened to walk if this guy wasn't fired, and as such execs sent this tape to the company that insured the film just in case he ditched.

You can listen to the audio over here, but keep in mind it's filled with F-bombs and in no way safe for work. What do you think of Bale acting out like this? Does it change your opinion of him?
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