Everyone likes a good game come Monday morning, and what better way to familiarize yourself with all the Oscar nominees than to search for subtle differences between two photos. Part of the only reason why I read People Magazine (for that game in the back, of course), these photo hunt games have the potential to become the most frustrating on the planet. Just when you think you're on a roll, there's one more difference to uncover and it's absolutely impossible to find; either a button is slightly smaller than the one above it, or the coloring of a nail is one shade darker. Admit it, you've been there. Well, the photo hunt game has finally gone interactive over on YouTube, with 30 levels of Academy Award-related images to sort through. Each level becomes increasingly harder, and trust me when I say you'll eventually get to the point where something might get thrown at your computer screen.

Begin with the first screen below. The Academy Awards airs on ABC this February 22.

[via DailyFill]