Although we did not receive a Superbowl promo for Terminator Salvation, a whole bunch of images and pieces of concept art from the film have arrived online. The coolest stuff comes from a Wired article that unveils a healthy chunk of nifty concept art, like the image above of a Hydrabot, which is "designed to seek and destroy humans trying to swim to safety." Just a little freaky and kinda Matrix-y ... whaddya think?

McG on the film's premise: "Imagine it's 1944 and we sneak into Hitler's Germany and find all these V-2 rockets with nuclear tips they're not supposed to have. We'd go back to the powers that be and explain, 'This is a huge problem; it's going to change everything.' That's what happens with Connor –-he's got to raise the curtain and defeat Skynet because the launch of the T-800 [which is the robot originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger] means curtains for everyone."

McG also let on that the film's ending will piss you off, but also make you think at the same time: "Is Skynet smart enough to use the best parts of ourselves against ourselves? Can we trust the machine? Therein lies the rub and that's what act three is all about. The ending of this film is elliptical. It's going to make a lot of people mad and you'll see lot of people scratching their heads. It's not disposable, where you forget about it before you even get to the parking lot. It's going to make you think."

Definitely check out the rest over at Wired. We've snagged a couple images from the article -- as well as one of Moon Bloodgood (God I love that name!) which was part of a set of four new stills recently released over at Screenweek -- and added them to our Terminator Salvation gallery below. The film hits theaters on May 22.

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