Haven't decided what to get the little one for his (or her) birthday yet? Well how about waiting a little bit -- till we get closer to the release of Terminator Salvation -- that way you can skip on over and pick up one of these smashing Terminator Factory Dioramas. Yup, seeing as the T700 Terminator factory assembly line will play a big part in the new film, Hot Toys figured kids will totally want their own make-shift Terminator factory -- this way, while mom and dad are doing "adult" things, little Timmy can pretend he's building an army of killer robots to destroy the human race. What fun!

There's no word on when and where you'll be able to find these nifty looking pieces of post-apocalyptic awesomeness, but according to our friends over at Slashfilm, they stand approximately 15 inches, feature light up eyes and a light up button on the manufacturing machine. You'll also be able to connect them together to create your very own freakish assembly line. Completely normal, in my opinion -- hopefully for the sequel, we'll actually be able to purchase a T700 and send it after that guy in the next cubicle who insists on eating the same smelly tuna fish sandwich at his desk every ... single ... day.

Check out a couple more images below. Whaddya think ... is this a purchase you're making?

Additionally, we've added a brand new image of the T600 (courtesy of GamePro Magazine) to our Terminator Salvation gallery below.