Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes wraps this week in Brooklyn and to celebrate, USA Today nabbed an official photo and an interview with Robert Downey Jr. It's more about Kirk Lazarus being nominated than Holmes being filmed ... and really, the picture isn't that exciting, except that we finally get a tiny glimpse of Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler.

In fact, if it's more McAdams you crave, look below the jump. The Bad and the Ugly uncovered several photographs of her on set in the most gorgeous pink gown, and I've put one below. The costume nerd in me is really anxious to see what lush Victorian pieces they outfit everyone in, particularly after that first glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. caused such a "He's too rumpled!" outcry. (Didn't it turn out he was in disguise? Or is that what we just decided was the explanation for that Bohemian look?)

The USA Today photo has been added to our baby Holmes gallery. Now that filming has commenced, how long until we get a trailer? Official stills are cool and all, but I'm dying to see some of what Erik Davis has been talking about -- and whether or not the much maligned Ritchie can pull off something completely new.

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