We wet ourselves too soon, because apparently the Iron Man 2 cast is anything but secure. While Sam Rockwell confirmed himself as Justin Hammer, we're still iffy on one Emily Blunt (who may drop out for Guillver's Travels) and Mickey Rourke (who apparently may not be paid enough to appear). Robert Downey Jr. gave an update on Rourke to MTV and revealed that we all had it wrong when it came to who Rourke was playing -- and whether or not he was in.

"If he signed on to do it, I'm super excited. If he's in Iron Man 2, we have a fantastic shot at doing something interesting. [But Crimson Dynamo] is actually incorrect." So, is he playing Whiplash? Downey could "neither confirm nor deny that. Maybe it's some semblance of both."

But Downey is adamant that Iron Man won't fall into the "too many villains spoil the story" trap that Spider-Man 3 did. "We're not doing that. The enemy comes from within ... Here's what I would say. It's very very much about -- it's one thing to say you're Iron Man, it's another thing to understand what it is to hold that responsibility. And if that sounds like a familiar theme, trust me -- this film is three times more fun and strange."

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