The Geek Beat has returned after a well deserved vacation, and you know what that means – sentimentality!

Actually, it's an awkward time to resume pondering all things geek because there's not much out there to talk about this week. It's like everything is taking a breather before Watchmen, Wolverine, and all the madness that will follow the filming of Iron Man 2, Thor, Scott Pilgrim, and Captain America. In weeks, we're going to be bombarded with Terminator: Salvation, Star Trek, and Sherlock Holmes – and maybe, just maybe, a glimpse of Avatar. I can't wait for that stuff to hit the web so we have something to really tear into.

It's also an awkward day to write because today is also my birthday, a day which never fails to leave me somewhat depressed. I think only Wolverine hates his birthday more than I do and, frankly, he does have me beat in the drama department. (Was there ever a more sadistic backstory to dump on a tortured Canadian? Why did they have to ruin his birthday?! And will that be in the movie?)

But this year I can't bitch and moan about advancing age too much because this week is actually the one year anniversary of my being brought on to write here at Cinematical. (Commence groans.) I can't stress enough what an amazing opportunity this has been, and how lucky I am to be here. There are thousands of people, maybe even millions, who are better suited for this gig than I am. There are people in our comments who I just want to hand my job over to 99% of the time. I will forever wonder (and so will you) how I landed a gig which allows me to blather about Wolverine for thousands and thousands of words. Every day is an adventure – hell, logging into my e-mail is now an adventure.

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