Chris Evans"That's what I went to film school for -- to learn how to walk with a banana in my pooper."

Chris Evans announced his presence in the film world with authority in 2001, audaciously donning a whipped cream Speedo in 'Not Another Teen Movie.' He's since established himself as a box-office draw with the 'Fantastic Four' flicks and as an actor with serious range in ballsier fare such as director Danny Boyle's sci-fi epic 'Sunshine.'

In 'Push,' Evans once again taps into his love of the super-heroic to play a telekinetic or "mover" who joins forces with a 13-year-old clairvoyant or "watcher" (Dakota Fanning) to find a mind-controller or "pusher" (Camilla Belle) ... who just might hold the key to destroying an evil government agency bent on controlling mankind.

Evans chats about getting beat up on the set, undertaking the impossible task of making Fanning laugh, and why a banana and his rear end figure prominently in the highlight of his film career.

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