If you happen to live anywhere near Oxford, Mississippi and you feel a gnawing desire to talk movies with a whole bunch of great flick freaks, you could do a whole lot worse than to trek over to the Oxford Film Festival this weekend. Aside from esteemed colleagues like Lisa Rosman, Jennifer Yamato, John Beifuss, Kim Voynar, and Jeffrey Wells, the festival will also be attended by Eric Snider, James Rocchi, and (yep, me) Scott Weinberg. We'll be there to do all sorts of panels and juries and impromptu arguments and such...

Oh yeah, and we'll be seeing some movies. Festivals are always good for that stuff. Debuting at Oxford before skipping over to SXSW will be two cool-sounding films: Crude Independence and Make-Out with Violence, both of which I'm hearing some really cool things on. Fresh from its Sundance splash is Prom Night in Mississippi, which promises to be a documentary full of pretty young southern women. Sign me up. And of course the genre bin is filled with titles like Night Crawlers, Interplanetary, and Psycho Sleepover -- so you know I'll have a good weekend. (Check out the full Oxford slate at Bside.com.)

And let's give it up to the Oxford Film Festival for their stellar taste in guests. Seriously, though, we're flattered to have several of our staff members earn the invitation. I've never even BEEN to Mississippi before! (Do they have Wendy's there? I just get antsy without a Wendy's nearby.)
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