Big screen biopics will always be a Hollywood staple. They're a tricky genre to master, as they can end up mawkish Oscar bait, whitewashed fluff, fictional and fun, or grueling epics that leave no stone unturned. But at their best, they can entertain and educate without dangerous inaccuracies -- and anything that gets people digging into history or literature is fine by me.

I don't know what the committee process is for picking who gets a biopic and when, but it seems like there's a lot of individuals who are long overdue for the cinematic treatment. So, inspired by the news that Steve McQueenandErnest Hemingway are getting theirs, I thought I'd pose the question to our readers.

I'll kick off the discussion with a few picks of my own. My controversial one would be Lev Trotsky, who was a college obsession of mine partly due to the above photo. He wasn't the most pleasant of people, but his life reads like a thriller. Escapes from Siberia, an early life spent in revolutions and on the run, the major role he played in 1917, and his gruesome assassination would make a pretty amazing movie.

The feminist in me would love to see Mary Wollstonecraft get her due. Not only should young women be reminded that she existed, but isn't she just the kind of strong and complex woman sorely lacking in a He's Just Not That Into You world? It's worth making just for the cinematography of her Scandinavian adventures.

Literary biopics often end up the fluffiest. My first pick would be Robert Graves, but it's a dangerous one -- I could see someone adapting his life into a lot of heaving sex and WWI trench scenes. Perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien and the Inklings would be safer?

Share yours in the comments -- or we can at least trade the titles of really good biographies!

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