Ladies and gentlemen, may I now present you with the most horrific rumor of the day -- that, according to those super sleuths over at In Touch magazine, Johnny Depp's name is at the top of the list to star in a new Three Stooges film directed by The Farrelly Brothers. And if that's not asinine enough for you, they also note that Sean Penn could join him. Yup. An "insider" says, "They want Johnny to play Moe and Sean Penn will be Larry -- they're still looking to cast Curly." OH, I have an idea for Curly -- how about Frank Langella ... while we're being absurd and unrealistic here.

I can't imagine there being any truth to this rumor -- although stranger things have happened, and Depp certainly knows how to play up the kooky, doofus roles (see: Pirates of the Caribbean). But Sean Penn? I'm sure he'd rather stab himself through the brain with a shotgun smeared in elephant dung ... unless he'd be doing this one "for his kids." This does bring up a good question for you folks, though: Who do you cast in the iconic roles of Moe, Larry and Curly in a 2009 Three Stooges flick? The easy answer, of course, is no one (as in leave the Three Stooges alone), but since they're obviously keen on bringing these characters back to the big screen, who could you see starring?

[via JustJared]
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