I love my Papa. (Well, I love my Papa too, but in reference to this post, I'm talking about everyone's Papa -- Ernest Hemingway.) And now he's getting his very own biopic! Huzzah! The Hollywood Reporter posts that A.E. Hotchner's biography Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir has been optioned by The Gotham Group and producer Kevin Fortuna.

This won't follow his war years, his newspaper days in Toronto, or his wives -- instead, it focuses on Hemingway's final 14 years, as told to and experienced by a friend. (Hotchner and Hemingway were close -- partaking in everything from childhood reminiscing to running with the bulls in Pamplona.) It'll also be something like a sequel, in that Hotchner also wrote the 1962 film Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man. Unrelated, but still steps in one literary life -- and how great is it to get a story of a writer that's not all about romance and sexual dysfunction? I was beginning to think Hollywood didn't have it in 'er.

But where's The Garden of Eden? Remember that one? The excellent posthumous Hemingway novel turned into a film starring Mena Suvari as the gender-bending Catherine Bourne? It screened in Italy for the RomaCinemaFest, and according to IMDb rumors, Sam Goldwyn viewed it, requested changes, and is pondering distribution through Miramax. But still, nothing. Hopefully this project will have an easier time making it to the screen.
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