There's a plot to clone the young Jeff Bridges. Unfortunately, it won't be for general purchase (sorry Starman fans -- I know, having a Bridges of your own seems like a lot of fun, plus we would eventually have our own Dude), but for Tron 2.0.

io9 recently learned that a plaster cast of Bridges has been created and sent to Canada to be digitized. According to their secret source: "They will then take that 3D model and make him younger and then slap it on a body double in post. As this is only one cog in the machine, I can't give a whole lot of detail. Canada scans actors and props to be used for various projects. These are very high resolution scans that pick up every wrinkle, face lift and scar on the actors body."

The sharp-eyed noted that this is exactly how Bridges can be young and old Flynn, as he was in the ComicCon teaser footage. I've embedded a bootleg of the footage below so you can finally see it -- I'm now resolved to get Lasik on my eyes because holy crap, I was there and I'll be damned if I remember recognizing young Flynn.

cautions that this plaster Bridges cast may have nothing to do with the film, but may be for the Tron 2.0 video game which is rumored to be in production at Disney Interactive. We'll find out what it all means eventually -- but Tron 2.0 is officially the new Star Trek or Avatar where every snippet of info is eagerly analyzed, discussed, and probably proved wrong. But hey, that's what makes this fun.
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