Ben Schwartz is an improv and sketch comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and at one time or another he's also written for Robot Chicken, David Letterman and Saturday Night Live (and he plays a small role in the Sundance flick Mystery Team). Here he is starring in a short (film? sketch? bit?) called Valentine's Break Up, in which he plays a guy who winds up on the opposite end of where he wanted to be during a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with his girlfriend. And since we're quickly approaching that fabulous holiday for lovers (and people who like to buy red things), we felt it was an appropriate video to share. Plus this dude Ben is hilarious, and I can't stop watching him. Starring opposite Ben is Sarah Burns, who you'll soon be seeing in the film I Love You, Man. Check it out below.

Valentine's Break Up from Ben Schwartz on Vimeo.

And as an added bonus, here's another video from Ben called Job Interview. In this one, he plays a kid who tries his hardest to slip a fake fanboy resume (you'll see what I mean) past what he hopes is his future employer. Hilarity ensues. Something tells me this is one dude to put on our comedic watch list -- whaddya think?

Job Interview from Ben Schwartz on Vimeo.