Even in good economic times, few of us have the kind of money required to throw around at movie prop auctions -- but oh, how sweet it is to look at them and wish.

A pretty amazing one is hitting the auction block this spring. Forrest J. Ackerman's horror collection is being sold, and if you know Ackerman at all, you realize he had some amazing stuff. Among the things going up for auction are Bela Lugosi's Dracula ring (pictured above), Lugosi's robe from The Raven, his cape from stage productions of Dracula, and a first edition of the Bram Stoker novel, signed by Stoker, Lugosi, and a slew of other famous people. Fritz Lang's monocle, which he wore during Metropolis filming, is the odd prop out right now, but no less cool. It's rather heartbreaking to see it scattered to the four winds though, isn't it?

For less, er, exalted horror memorabilia, you can hit up Premiere Props. According to LA Weekly, on February 7 they'll be auctioning off costumes and weapons from Underworld: Evolution to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation -- and while you might sniff at the films, I'm willing to bet some of you would love to get your hands on Selene's skintight latex. One of Kate Beckinsale's full costumes is up for grabs, as is the shirt off Scott Speedman's back. (My poor Underworld-obsessed sister will probably cry at the thought of not being able to afford a single piece.)

And if neither Dracula nor Underworld is your thing, and you inexplicably have money to burn ... well, Premiere Props also has Hugh Jackman's boxers up for sale.

Check out the gallery below for some cool photos -- and let us know if you're actually looking to buy! Not because we get a cut or anything, but because we just want to bask in your glow.

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