I shouldn't be surprised. None of us should. If Monopoly is going to become a feature film, what isn't? The door has been opened, the path has been made, and now we're getting more board game feature film action.

Varietyreports that Universal Pictures is getting ready for a journey to Candy Land. The Hasbro game will get morphed into a feature film by Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen, and will be directed by Kevin Lima, who most recently brought us Enchanted. "The tyke-friendly board game isn't as obvious an inspiration for a movie project as those other Hasbro brands, but the studio has tapped talent adept at comedy and family fare." No shee-it. But that movie has already been made, under the Willy Wonka moniker.

Clue, now that made sense. A murder mystery with quirky characters is perfect for the big screen. Monopoly? That's just silly. And Candy Land? Oh, come on. At this rate, we'll have an Uno, a Rummy, and a Tiddlywinks game in no time. After that, well, Tic Tac Toe -- you better watch out! Anyone want to make bets on the next childhood board game to get the feature treatment?
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