The lovely Sally Hawkins, who stole hearts in Happy-Go-Lucky, has lined up a new gig. In fact, it's one that could end up rivaling the likes of Sex and the City, at least as far as titles go. Variety reports that she's signed on for a new film called We Want Sex. But I warn you now: It's NOT that kind of movie.

In fact, this could do the exact opposite of taking "Porno" out of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, making many a sex-loving viewer a wee bit disappointed. See, the film will focus on a 1968 Ford car plant strike when 850 female workers walked out to protest sexual discrimination -- and ultimately helped the movement to get equal pay for women in the workplace.

I know, that's not really a sexy sort of theme. So, how does the title come into play? It's a reference to a banner carried during one of their marches. It should've said: "We Want Sex Equality," but it "was only later that they realized the last word had gone missing." One: How do you not notice the absence of the word "equality"? Two: How does no one else notice and bring down the banner? Three: How many moviegoers will get the joke?

This is said to be a "very funny" project, so at least people won't be misguided into dramatic fare, but I still think this could be quite a surprise for many.

Just how far should a film take an inside joke, especially when they're scheming up a title?
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