How do you spice up the Academy Awards this year? How about adding more Judd Apatow! That's exactly what show organizers plan to do for the Oscar telecast on February 22, as the director of films like Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin and this summer's Funny People has created a brand new short film to debut during the ceremony along with "fresh live material on stage." While we don't yet know what the film will be about, apparently "filmmakers of all stripes will participate" and it will air during a special tribute to comedy.

Apatow isn't the only one producing fresh content for this year's Oscars; last week we were informed that Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Australia) would be creating a production number featuring show host Hugh Jackman, and Capote director Bennett Miller is tossing his own film sequence into the yay basket. We kid, of course, but if they want to get this show back on track, a good place to start would be by bringing a bunch of talented filmmakers together to create ... fun content. Stuff to entertain us in between having to watch multi-millionaires accept gold statues while thanking their agents and managers and dog nannies.

What do you think: Does Apatow's involvement make you want to watch the ceremony just a tiny bit more?

[via USA Today]