It took over a year to get cooking, but now we're finally going to see what walking spermatoza look like. Yay? (No idea what I'm talking about, huh? Go read this.) The Blades of Glory duo were creating the story of a woman obsessed not with a family and that white picket fence, but with a baby sans the man. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jennifer Aniston will be the wanna-be mama, and Jason Bateman will play her sperm-having friend.

The twist, that I didn't mention before, is that Tomasina Kassie* (Aniston) plans to get inseminated with some semen that is most definitely not from her sperm-having friend Wally (Bateman). Having some baggage he hasn't gotten over, he switches the donor semen with his own, and "must live with the secret that he is the father of her child."

This is being touted as a romantic comedy, so I imagine that somehow, some way, Kassie and Wally find romance so that they can live with their cute, adorable little ill-conceived offspring. Or maybe he'll pull another Juno and get jerky. Would you mind being mistakenly impregnated with Bateman's sperm?

*In the story, her name is Tomasina, but I guess that isn't chic enough for Hollywood. And yet somehow "Wally" is ...

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