Usually the scenes we love are the ones that make us happy, or blissfully mesmerized. But sometimes they're those gut-wrenching moments that are painful to watch -- the ones created so perfectly that you can't help but appreciate them (like, say, the entirety of Requiem for a Dream).

But this is about Roger Avary's The Rules of Attraction. In a film rife with disaffected turmoil and dysfunction is this one scene where pretension has no play. The sad and rolling love song, the last pain-filled note, the carefully placed rings on the tub -- it all kills me each and every time I see it. The fact that it's the result of a girl liking exactly the wrong guy just makes it all the more sick, twisted and cringe-worthy.

Creepy Fact:

According to IMDb, the "End of the World" party was filmed on September 11, 2001.

And lady lovers can go here for a photographer's topless spin on Lauren's discovery of the body.

Warning:This is a dead girl in a tub, nude ... and there's blood.