Land of the Lost
This comedic remake of the classic Saturday Morning show takes some license with the material, but it's got Will Ferrell and it's got Sleestak. Where can I buy my ticket? Ferrell plays scientist Rick Marshall, who's written a book on time warps (which is particularly odd since IMDB says his character is a Forest Ranger). Despite a Today Show interview that goes hilariously wrong, Marshall apparently proves his theories by traveling across time and space with two colleagues to a world of dinosaurs, ape people and lizard men. Check out the trailer below.

The Damned United
Michael Sheen of Frost/Nixon plays Brian Clough, who for forty-four days coached the Leeds United soccer team (or football team as they call it on that side of the pond). Based on true events, Clough was apparently a controversial figure. I got the impression the trailer was assuming I already knew who he was, so perhaps a different approach would be appropriate for the non U.K. markets.


Brittany Murphy stars as a writer who moves into an old house so she can work in peace, but the ghost of a young woman murdered in the house (Thora Birch) is getting in the way of her deadline. This looks like generic ghost plot number 4 and there's something about Murphy here I find off-putting. Not sure if it's her "I don't want to be bothered by the outside world" attitude or her out of control hair. Despite the premise this looks like a less than spirited effort.