Being free of cable and relying on the internet for my television, I usually miss TV spots for Hollywood's big movies. But Thursday night, as I sat at my friend's house, I saw the spot for He's Just Not That Into You. It claims that this is "the perfect date movie."

Let me back up a minute. This whole film comes from both the book about women who make excuses for men who blow them off, and the Sex and the City episode where Miranda learns that some men just aren't that into her. (A revelation that is quickly disproven when she learns the guy isn't shunning her, he just has the runs.)

This is the perfect date movie? Yeah, it's all rom-commy, as William Goss' review explains, but it's still about disinterest. Assuming the film throws in as many "he's just not that into you" moments as possible, no matter how much romance and love is included, it's about excuses, dishonesty, and all that jazz.

A good movie for romcom fans, probably. A date movie? Only if a dude hasn't ever used those same techniques on his girl. If he has, that's just one completely unfun can of worms. Then again, it'd be an excellent way to sow the seeds of doubt.

Okay couples: Is this the date movie for you, and if it is, do you have sinister ulterior motives?
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