Want to become heir apparent to the throne of Lyons and Mankiewicz (which is no Ebert and Roeper, which was no Siskel and Ebert)? Then pick up your Xbox 360 controller and gird your loins, because according to The Daily Beast, "smart people" like "Ben Lyons" recommend Scene It? Box Office Smash for Xbox, and he wants to challenge you in "The Lyons Den." Growl!

Lyons endorses the game, welcoming opponents and daring them to beat the oft-updated trivia and puzzles more than he, Watcher of 300-ish Flicks Per Annum, can -- that is, when not already playing with his "homies" (word!). Yes, the man who thought I Am Legend was "one of the greatest movies ever made" and wanted to hear the young boy's side of the story after watching Doubt is putting up his virtual dukes, and I'm tempted to bring home an Xbox 360 and a copy of the game just to put up a fight with The Wizard here.

Maybe that's the idea, though: More people would be willing to pick up this game to beat him rather than to beat it. A smart plan, perhaps, but I think I'll abstain. After all, Ebert beat him without pushing a button, and I'd just rather not risk tossing my controller through the screen at the mere sight of the L word (no, not the hot one, the other one, the one in the "Den" with all his "homies").
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