By now you've probably heard: Val Kilmer is considering running for governor of New Mexico in 2010. It seems that he's "looking for ways to be contributive," and if he can make "a substantial contribution," he'll run. And if he decides that there's a big contribution to be made ... well, he's determined to win: "If I run, I'm going to be the next governor." At least he's mastered the art of positive thinking.

THR also notes that if he runs, it won't be a conventional campaign. Kilmer says that it's all about getting out and listening to people, but will that also include shepherding in a new generation of politicians? When ol' Ronnie Reagan was entering the political world, he was coming out of a restricted Hollywood. Being an actor might have been a surprising twist, but Reagan didn't reveal much in his Hollywood work. But now: We've got terminators, professional wrestlers, and perhaps, egads, the man who played John Holmes. Will Kilmer swear that he only got high on film? Or, will he possibly make his varied film career a political selling point rather than ignoring it? I mean, he's a Real Genius, so anything is possible.

What do you think about Val's new interest, or would you prefer that he stuck with acting or condiments? And what do you think about today's actors getting into the political world? Are you comfortable having a man or woman in office after you've seen their bits?
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