Last year, it seemed too strange to be true that Werner Herzog and David Lynch were teaming up for a film together -- My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Almost any other directorial combo I could see, but the minds of Herzog (director) and Lynch (producer)? Merging directorial quirks is one thing, but when two men have distinct visions and artistic sense, that isn't the most stable situation. Who wins out when grizzlies face backward-talking little people?

Surprisingly enough, the project is still in motion, and it's definitely not featuring any common Lynch players. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Michael Peña (Lions for Lambs), Brad Dourif (Humboldt County), and Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum) have joined a cast that already includes Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe, and Chloe Sevigny.

The last three aren't big surprises (but very welcome and excellent choices) since each has had their share of alternative feature work, but the first three definitely suggest that this won't be your typical film from either filmmaker. And man, it's nice to see Pena getting busy with a meaty project that isn't about war. This time around, the film is a loose adaptation of a story of "a San Diego man who experiences a series of mystifying events that lead him to brutally murder his own mother with a sword."

Here's to hoping at least some of the wacky events are helmed by Lynch, or, at the very least, we get a Angelo Badalmenti score.
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