I've been meaning to promote both of these shiny new buckets of coolness for a couple days now, and I'm finally getting around to it now. First up, yours truly was a recent guest on the Film.com podcast, where I chatted up all things Superbowl trailers, summer movies and the future of film criticism with the very cool cats who run the show over in that neck of the woods. So if you want to kill time and have the desire to listen to my thick New Yawk accent for a little bit, I highly suggest you truck it on over to Film.com and give it a whirl.

Speaking of things you can listen to, our good friends over at Slashfilm recently recorded a commentary track for Groundhog Day ... alongside the very awesome character actor, Stephen Tobolowski, who played the annoying-but-lovable Ned Ryerson. And since there's got to be tons of you Groundhog Day fanatics out there (I'm totally one of them, so don't be afraid to pipe up), you'll want to sync this sucker up next time you're in the mood to chuck The Murray into your DVD player.

That's it, all done. I shall leave you with ... a scene.

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