There you go -- those pictures above are two shots of Orlando Bloom playing a "tough as nails" rocker in Mark Ruffalo and Chris Thornton's Sympathy for Delicious. (Go to Just Jared to see them in their entirety.)

I'm sorry, but the guy better be biting the heads off of small animals onstage (or something else equally disturbing and heinous) if we're supposed to believe that he's super tough. A rock star? Sure. A rocky, pop sensation? Sure. Tough. As. Nails. Nah. Maybe as tough as one of those plastic drywall anchor things -- definitely not nail strength.

A few tats and eye makeup is a far cry from true rockerdom. I've seen rocker transformations. I used to know a guy who morphed from Internet geek to savage, head-banging rocker. But Orlando? His look needs more work.

Then again, Bloom fans seemed to like the idea the first time around. So, I ask again now that we can steal a glimpse:

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