When an ill-advised remake of a film is just around the corner, it's always nice to go back to the original and revel in what makes it so damn good. Plus, it's Monday, and you need a little NSFW bloodletting. So, here is the on-ice debut of the Hanson Bros in Slap Shot. It's pretty self-explanatory, though not the best quality.

What I particularly love about this film is that everyone did their own skating (with the Hanson Bros going on to careers in the NHL and WHL). Even Paul Newman did his own skating, so that there's none of those cheesy cutaway shots that focus on feet, then on an actor's upper body, with nary the two meeting. (Something that's all over the wretched sequels -- and which will be all over a remake.) According to IMDB, the skating requirement actually kept another actor out of the film -- Al Pacino was interested in the lead role, but dropped out when asked if he could skate, because he considered the question "facetious." He regrets it to this day. Newman, on the other hand, cited the film as one of his favorites and had never had so much fun on set.

Enjoy the mayhem ... and take a moment not only regret this whole remake thing, but applaud the fact that such a raunchy, bloody comedy was scripted by a woman -- and wonder if they ever thought about hiring a woman to script the remake.