Does it make me a bad person that I couldn't have been happier when Sienna Miller and Nottingham decided to go their separate ways? Nothing personal, but I wasn't envisioning Miller fairing too well up against a dramatic heavy like Russell Crowe. Luckily, for those of out there who still think that Nottingham has a chance of being a darn good flick, there is a light on the horizon and her name is Cate Blanchett. During an event for the London Film Critics' Circle Awards, newly arrived Nottingham cast member, Mark Strong told the UK Telegraph, "I think Cate Blanchett is set to take the Maid Marian part," Strong went on to sing the praises of the Aussie actress and told the Telegraph, "She is a wonderful actress and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it." -- Amen to that brother.

For those of you who haven't been following the travails of Scott's Robin Hood update, here is a quick little primer: First up were those bogus script reports that made Crowe's choice of dual roles sound like a bad episode of The Bobbsey Twins. But the hits kept coming, and next up was a shutdown on the set, unflattering stories that Crowe and Scott were at each other's throat, and finally Sienna Miller got the old heave-ho thanks to Crowe's so-called "gross" appearance, or her bad acting (depending on who you believe) -- not exactly the kind of anecdotes you want to end up on the DVD commentary.
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