It never ceases to amaze me what can be found on eBay:
  • Since it's almost Valentine's Day, I thought I'd lead off with an engagement ring for the geek crowd. If you're about to propose to a Spider-Man fan, you might want to pick up Aunt May's engagement ring from Spider-Man 3. It's listed at $2,500, which isn't bad for something that can double as a fan prop and engagement ring.
  • Just as we close on our last Watchmen-free days, a few original signed lithograph plates from the comic issues have hit eBay for a whopping ten grand. Well, ten grand if you want one, or you could get two for the discounted price of $17,500! Pricey splurges, especially for these times, but they are signed by both Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
  • But just to make that deal sound a bit cheaper, what about the trophy cup used in Citizen Kane? $499,000.00 seem steep? The seller claims that this is the only on-screen object from the film held by Welles himself, so there's the tres unique factor.
  • On a creepier front, and the cheapest so far on this list, you could own some of Marilyn Monroe's bleached hair -- starting bid is $995.00. The clump of hair was taken from one of her last haircuts in 1962.
  • Finally, there's an original Gremlins Gizmo prop with a Buy It Now price of $750.00. You probably wouldn't want to cuddle up to this head though -- it looks much more suitable for scaring the pants off someone.
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