Fresh off of 007 intrigue and boarding schools, the electrically blue-eyed Eva Green is heading to the future, and it sure ain't shiny and happy. Variety reports that she's going to star in a new futuristic drama called Womb -- Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf's first English-language film. The feature will follow Green as a grieving widow who decides to clone her late husband (Matt Smith, David Tennant's replacement on Doctor Who). Oh, the terrible rationale of our beloved characters on the big screen...

The whole idea of cloning a loved one is a messy -- the fact that they wouldn't grow up just like the original, they'd be a heck of a lot younger, and could very well grow up to fall for someone else. It's also a setup for all sorts of sexual dysfunction -- how does lust fit in if you have a clone of your husband still in adolescence?

Considering how well Green pulled off incest in The Dreamers, this shouldn't be too challenging for her. And talk about a ridiculously lucky new actor -- Smith got to sleep with Billie Piper's Call Girl in 2007, and now he's got a futuristic feature and the heart-breaking Eva Green ... talk about getting the best of the romantic gene pool.

Would you ever clone a loved one?
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