When I first wrote up the trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut back in October, I made the following prediction: "In fact, I'm willing to bet that it'll land somewhere between next Feburary... and maybe next April, before hitting DVD just in time for Halloween renters to settle for anything vaguely supernatural on the 'new release' wall." Well, as sure as Virginia Madsen shrieks, Lionsgate has moved the film up from a summer release to a March 27th bow -- probably wise, given the genre's less-than-successful streak with that particular season.

The fairly reliable Box Office Mojo also confirms that Sandra Bullock's own shriek-worthy rom-com All About Steve has now been bumped from its slot opposite Watchmen to the ominous "Fall 2009". Maybe Fox'll put that Watchmen settlement dough to good use and market that instead as a horror film -- forget Saw; if it's Halloween, it must be Sandra!

Hey, one can dream.
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