Wiley Wiggins in 'Sorry, Thanks'The feature film lineup for next month's South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival in Austin, Texas has been announced and trailers have started to come out of the woodwork. This will be just my second fest but, based on last year, I can't wait. The first two are world premieres playing in the Emerging Visions showcase

Sorry, Thanks (pictured). "Good luck leading with your heart, when your heart is an utter emotional idiot." Dia Sokol's feature debut follows the travails of a woman "reeling from a brutal breakup" who has a one-night stand with a "charming, disheveled wreck" who -- oops! -- has a long-term girlfriend. Andrew Bujalski also stars. Check out the trailer at the official site, which is a bit goofy and a bit wistful, two qualities that are essential for any relationship / "where is my life heading?" movie. Plus, it has the uber-cool and understated Wiley Wiggins as the "disheveled wreck," which has to be a good sign. [Official site, via Wiley's blog It's Not for Everyone.]

St. Nick. Written and directed by David Lowery, the festival describes the film as "a stark, haunting portrait of childhood following the adventures of a runaway brother and sister as they try to survive, all on their own, out on the wintry plains of the great southwest." The beautiful, evocative trailer promises a quiet, moody trip. [Drifting: A Director's Log; via Filmmaker Magazine.]

ST. NICK trailer from ST NICK on Vimeo.

After the jump: the trailer (with one f-bomb) for Breaking Upwards.