Dear Mom & Dad,
Things are great in L.A.! My career is taking off already! Just this week I got hired for something called
Extreme Movie, and all I had to do was stand around in my underwear next to a sheep!
Your daughter

Things can get pretty desperate when your hastily-assembled spoof movie skips its theatrical release and goes straight to DVD, so we understand where the folks at The Weinstein Company's Extreme Movie are coming from. The movie is a collection of sketches centering around teen sex, with Jamie Kennedy, Frankie Muniz, and Michael Cera among the actors and several SNL guys among the writers. It's being unloaded on DVD on Feb. 24, and to promote it, the marketing department is offering STD e-cards.

The idea is that perhaps you've inadvertently put one of your casual sex partners at risk for an STD, and these cheerful e-cards are a way of informing him or her. It's a joke, of course, but it's useful because it reminds you that Extreme Movie is really extreme! It's totally edgy, you guys! STD e-cards??! What kind of shenanigans will those jokers pull next!?

If this doesn't make people want to buy or rent Extreme Movie on Feb. 24, I don't know what will. Short of giving it a better title and concept and execution, I mean.
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