With today's announcement that the graphic novel Zombies of Mass Destruction would be making the leap to the silver screen, it got Erik Davis thinking. And, as is often the case when Erik starts thinking about horror films, he turned to me and said "What's the next step for zombie movies?" So we started talking about it and he said "Aha, I tricked you! I don't want to have a conversation about it! I want you to write a Discuss post on the topic!" He then cackled like a cartoon villain and logged off. He's really crafty, I'm telling you.

But while all us gorehounds have been arguing about "slow vs. fast" for a few years now, it seems that the zombie sub-genre has been sprouting fresh legs and finding new ways to devour screaming humans. Just this morning, the amazingly undead Elisabeth Rappe told us that the shuffling man-eaters were about to get the Jane Austen treatment! (Yes, really!) So between fast and slow, funny or serious, semi-sentient or entirely brain-dead, which are your favorite zombies? And, more amusingly, what is the sub-genre going to give us next? I know that Nazi Zombies are making a comeback in Dead Snow, but those have been done before. Pirate zombies? Alien zombies? Zombie politicians? (Insert your own witty commentary here.) As always, let us thank George Romero for the ability to even discuss such wonderful things.
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