Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Explicit Ills, a film which has taken home at least two Audience Awards (SXSW, Gen Art Chicago) during its festival run in 2008. And when a film snags more than one Audience Award, that means audiences kinda dig it, like, a lot. Featuring the directorial debut of actor-turned-filmmaker Mark Webber, Explicit Ills stars Rosario Dawson, Paul Dano, Naomie Harris and Lou Taylor Pucci, among others.

From Scott's positive SXSW review: "Brief, honest, and admirably to-the-point, Explicit Ills follows a group of seemingly unrelated South Philadelphia folks who try to lead normal, happy, anonymous lives -- but their station on the lower rung of the income scale means that even the most basic requirements remain frustratingly out-of-reach." It's a pretty impressive debut for Webber as writer-director, and a film that will unfortunately hit home for a lot of folks during these tough economic times. But there's a strong message and a point, and you'll wanna set aside some time to watch Explicit Ills when it hits theaters on March 6th (In NYC), March 13th (in LA) and March 20th (in Philly).

Click the image below to view the full poster.