Knitting used to be that thing your grandma did, which resulted in oversized sweaters that you never wanted to wear. (Shame on you, there was love in every stitch!) I guess geeks hung out a lot with their grandmas ... or maybe it's a math thing, because knitting and geekdom have collided online to create the most spectacular projects ever. From Jayne hats to pirate tricorns, someone has designed a pattern for it.

My favorite find so far has to be the knitted hobbit booties for the wee ones. What more can I say except that they are the most adorable things ever? I made a pair ages ago for a friend and can testify that it will make any infant look like an authentic resident of The Shire.

However, if you're one of those geeks who believe that there's only one Return -- and it ain't of the King, it's of the Jedi, than head on over to Etsy where a Star Wars fan named "carbon scoring" has patterns for knitted lightsabers. She also sells finished ones, and takes custom orders if your infant Jedi wouldn't be caught dead wielding Luke Skwalker's.

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