Just when we thought Warner Bros. was ready to tie Christopher Nolan to a really uncomfortable stool and force him to write the script to the next Batman film comes news that the same studio is actually eager to have the man direct something else first. Variety tells us that Warners is looking to get Nolan to direct a film called Inception (which he also wrote). Described as "a big-scale spec script" and "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind [THR]," there's no word on what this is about* (or whether it involves bats or bat men), but the studio is aiming to begin production on the sci-fi flick this summer for a release the following summer of 2010.

One imagines Warners would try to lock Nolan up for both Inception and the next Batman film, and perhaps the only way he'd agree to do the latter was if they let him direct the former first. But that's just wild speculation on our part; fact is, we're dying to know what Inception is about, who it will star and how long it will be until the next Batman movie heats up. Something tells us summer 2011 is the best bet.

What do you think of Nolan making this film his next project? Also, does anyone know what this Inception is or was or is about to become?

*Cinematical reader dd tells us that Inception is about "a war for the colonization of Venus."
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