This is a wild and wacky rumor right now, but according to a scooper over at AICN who watched a television interview with James McTeigue in Berlin, there might be some funky things happening to some of those much-hyped future franchises. The scooper, Ballack, reports back that McTeigue -- who mainly talked up his upcoming Ninja Assassin -- finished up with news that if Warner Bros. doesn't let the Wachowski Bros. go with Plastic Man as their next project (and they may not, according to McTeigue, because of a "major shake up of projects at WB"), then they could be the guys who reboot the Superman franchise.

Wha??? Supposedly (so says McTeigue), the Wachowskis have been approached about Superman and are "currently reviewing their options." McTeigue, who was supposed to aid the brothers in the second unit department on Plastic Man, says that if they do take on Superman, he'd most likely serve in the same capacity on that flick. Plastic Man, however, is a passion project for the Wachowski siblings, and so expect them to fight hard to make it a reality. McTeigue also noted that Bryan Singer is done with the Man of Steel, and that he's moved on to the Logan's Run remake.

So, while this wacky news makes its way around the internet -- whaddya think of the Wachowskis taking on the Superman franchise?
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